Our Value Proposition

business dealWe are consultants who are very skeptical when it comes to dealing with consultants.

This is because we used to be HR executives who dealt with all kinds of consultants, from executive recruiters to training providers to benefits brokers. We found some great consultants, but we also found many who never made it through the vetting process.

There were several common reasons why we didn’t want to work with certain consultants. Sometimes they over-pitched their own agenda without paying much attention to our needs. Some were less than transparent about their fees, a stance that was usually exposed when we started asking tough questions. Other consultants only gave us a limited window into their thinking, protecting what they considered to be their intellectual property but leaving us too much in the dark about what they would actually do once they landed the contract. Many times we’d end the conversation, go back to our offices, and say, “We can do this better and cheaper by ourselves.”

That’s why we work hard to provide real value and build the trust so essential to our work. We listen and learn in order to see things from your perspective and in return, we’re not afraid to lay all of our cards on the table. We always hope to earn new business, but if we listen to what you need and decide we can’t provide it, we’ll tell you straight out and direct you to someone who can help.

Most importantly, we believe strongly that you shouldn’t have to pay for services that should be included in the original deal. For example, when we take on an interim HR leadership assignment, we’ll help you find a full-time replacement as part of the work we do as your interim HR leader. What we won’t do is charge you for additional recruiting fees. After all, recruiting is part of the job of any HR leader, interim or not, and you certainly wouldn’t pay your employees extra every time you gave them a new task.

With The HR Difference, you’ll get honest, direct and transparent communication about our capabilities and our pricing. We will always work to provide more than you expect and we don’t nickel-and-dime our clients. Our value proposition is simple: great service at competitive pricing from people who have led HR organizations and understand that every dollar spent on HR, OD and Training services must provide tangible value.

Photo Credit: © Theodor38 | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos