Coaching & Career

If organizational development is what you do to create and sustain a healthy culture, coaching is what you do to develop and sustain a healthy individual. A robust employee development plan is also the backbone of retaining your key talent.

We have the necessary knowledge of businesses and organizational cultures to help any employed person figure out ways to improve key aspects of performance like communication skills, leadership skills and self-awareness. What is most important to us is that the coaching experience helps the person reach his or her own goals for performance and personal satisfaction. We take a holistic view of the person we’re coaching, helping them clarify their goals, strengths, weaknesses and personal work-life balance formula. Our coaching is designed to help a person manage both current reality and the reality of the career trajectory.

Bob Mendonsa has written extensively on the twin subjects of career choice and career movement since the publication of Working Choices in 2000 (recently re-released for the Kindle). Certified in the Myers-Briggs, Strong Interest Inventory and the Center for Creative Leadership’s 360’s, he brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of human nature to the coaching process.

We also serve as mentors for HR and OD professionals, a service that is always free.

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